"Fat sound from forceful saxophones." Lübecker Nachrichten "...this evening is going to be fun!" Die Norddeutsche
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“Straight-ahead swing, played with great joy, effervescence, vitality and sophistication.” Augsburger Allgemeine "The genuine, powerful, occasionally rocking, raw sound of the saxophone came through straight and unfiltered, gripping and committed. The arrangements were mainly originals dating back to the era of the great tenor saxophonists of the 1950s and 60s. The Toughest Tenors took unjustly neglected sounds out of mothballs and entertained brilliantly, leading the way right into the heart of jazz with their immense musical talent.” Schwäbische Zeitung “Bernd Suchland and Patrick Braun showed what kind of incredibly soulful sounds they could coax out of their instruments: powerful, sad, warm, almost breathy, quick but always precise and playfully light. They challenged each other, engaged in furious musical duels, always finding each other again for perfectly harmonized duets.” Märkische Allgemeine
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Bernd Suchland tenor saxophone
Dan-Robin Matthies piano
Patrick Braun tenor saxophone
Lars Gühlcke double bass
Ralf Ruh drums
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The Toughest Tenors, who have been in action for two decades now, operate covertly in the last few remaining Jazz Cellars in this world, where they live out their own personal American Dream. The five undercover agents from Berlin (Bernd Suchland - Tenor Sax; Patrick Braun - Tenor Sax; Dan-Robin Matthies - Piano; Lars Gühlke - Bass; and Ralf Ruh – Drums) divulge some of the arcane musical knowledge they’ve managed to smuggle out of the Land of Opportunity (where Jazz developed as a unique cultural treasure). They’re an insider’s tip; they exist outside the spectrum of social media, cultural sponsorship, and European jazz fashion. They use their sensitive antennae to receive and decode original Jazz data that had long been given up for lost and they revive and represent it in the face of modern Crossover. They’re cool, they’re incorruptible, and they know their business. They plug into a time where Jazz still had an earthy style, swung hard, was packed with blues and soul, and reached a public that turned up the radio, swung along, and couldn’t stay in its seats...More
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Bernd Suchland Patrick Braun Lars Gühlcke Dan-Robin Matthies Ralf Ruh
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