"Fat sound from forceful saxophones." Lübecker Nachrichten "...this evening is going to be fun!" Die Norddeutsche
Press releases:
“A band to be remembered” Jazz Podium “The first impression belies a fact that becomes clear after a few minutes of one of their concerts: The five young men from Berlin carry their name with justification: They really are tough guys...” Kurier am Sonntag “Tenor saxophonists Bernd Suchland and Patrick Braun, pianist Dan-Robin Matthies, Lars Gühlcke on bass and Ralf Ruh on drums establish beyond doubt why the term bop was eventually graced by the adjective hard.” Westdeutsche allgemeine Zeitung “They reveal an enormous depth of ideas in long improvisations. Although they play the same instrument, each has his own individual tonality and phrasing. This makes the music appealing and attractive. Both of them explored all the possibilities of their instruments: from the deepest foghorn tones to chirping guitar harmonics, from smoky and mellifluous suggestions to expressive forte passages, the saxophone’s entire range was celebrated.” Nürtinger Zeitung "This Berlin band has proved itself to be a survivor in the jazz-jungle of short-lived and superficially put-together projects. The band´s concept has proved enjoyable for audiences and players alike. Suchland and Braun present themselves not so much in virtuoso combat, but rather as seasoned partners who appreciate each others worth.” HNA Kassel “„What I like about it is the easygoing, but nevertheless serious, approach to standards and musical conventions of a long-ago era – nostalgia, but of a harmonious and charming kind.” Mecky Ellenbruch